A unique salmon river on the Icelandic west coast

Varied pools and prolific fishing, with only four rods.

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Comfortable modern lodge

Located by the river in spectacular nature, with full accommodation and hosts up to eight people.

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A fine catch every season

The river's 27 pools are divided between four beats who are even and prolific.

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Pools of interesting variety

The river's pools have easy access and there is fly fish only.

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Bookings for the 2018 fishing season have started at the new lease holder, Reykjavik Angling Club.


The very best find in a great fishing trip. An honor to share such a wonderful place with such wonderful people who care for your every need, wish and desire. If there is a heaven on this earth, it must be here.

-Bob and Patrick Burchel – San Jose, California

Straumfjardará though not of great length is a very pleasant water to fish and has justly earned a name for being one of the best of Icelandic rivers.

-R.N. Stewart, Major General and author of fishing books

No matter where you look, all around you there is beauty here. If I had never caught a Salmon I still would have found satisfaction in this place.

-John Doyle – San Francisco